Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We misjudged you!

Here we thought it was just an old, crochety grapefruit tree (among 3 grapefruit trees on the property) that might not live out the year. We pruned it back hard and almost cut it down.

Really, we were standing around holding large chopping/cutting implements after pruning off three-quarters of the tree. The topic of just putting the tree out of its misery was brought up and seriously considered. But we held off, deciding that we may as well see how good the grapefruits were before taking the tree out.

Then today, I took a close look at the fruits. Do I detect a hint of orange!?


  1. :) We learn best from our own mistakes! Glad you didn't cut it completely down!

  2. Agreed! We are thrilled that we have oranges. Looks like about two dozen fruits on the one part of the trunk we kept. Poor thing almost was executed after guilt by association!