Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just can't do it

At Costco the other day I saw it again. Something I've been coveting, then rejecting for a while. Every time I go there, the tumbling composter makes me stand next to it for a few moments, wondering if it makes sense for the Way of the Green. A brand-new item, made of plastic and metal? $98? (I believe it's this one, just cheaper at Costco.)

I should probably just reuse something I already have, such as some plastic bins. Why do I need something new to do this? It seems as though it would be space-saving in general, it still is too big for either of my patios. I need to find something smaller, and I need to be more innovative.

Edited to add: This is my teeny patio today, with native (desert, low-water) species I planted last week. To the right is a gardening bench with tools, gloves, pots and the like. To the left are pool things, kids toys, a recycling can and a full storage closet.


  1. I started with a homemade bin and regretted it. We ended up buying a composter, though we have a backyard so our options were a bit more open. That said, it works much, much better than my homemade one.

  2. Aaaah, this is very interesting information, Karly! Glad to hear a friend's review of the product.

    Do you keep it in a corner of the yard or by the garden or by the back door or ...?

    I guess I'm concerned about spending the money for it and then regretting having it take up more than a quarter of my patio. Which I would much rather have to grow plants.

    Maybe if I could make a smaller scale tumbler (like 30 gallons, is that too small to work? Nick?) myself with some less expensive materials ... then I could get the fun of the tumbling!

  3. It's a short walk from our back door, though we don't have a tumbling one. We have a small bin in the kitchen and empty that into the big composter when it gets full (or stinky). We have this one: We just make sure we have the right ratio of stuff in there and mix it every once in a while and it works like a charm. It has to be placed over ground as opposed to concrete (I think) so I don't know if it would work for you, but it doesn't take up much room.

  4. I couldn't get my tumbler to work, but alot of people love them. I bet you could get it working, but it might need to be in some shade.

    If you needed some extra leaves and grass to get it started (or a couple worms), I'd be happy to hook you up. I think you should try it!