Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Case of Gardener's Block

Temperatures have been lower, so the past few days I've been walking my backyard, sketching it, considering it, photographing it, considering it ... everything but DOING something in it.

I started a few seeds indoors for broccoli and lettuce, but my mental now-now-now push to plant a vegetable garden outside, well, it's been waking me up in the middle of the night.

Warning: "Before" photos ahead!

Former planned site for vegetable garden.
South-facing back fence, shed and
black cat Deuce (she says hi).
I thought I knew where I was going to put a huge lasagna mulch for the foundation of my vegetable garden. Now after studying it for a few days, it seems like that area is too shady. So am I going to cut down two trees or choose a new spot?

Something must be planted soon or I think I am going to miss this growing season.

Plus: Close to house. Irrigation ready.
Minus: Close to house. Not a large space. 
My other two potential vegetable garden sites are not as ideal; they would require more work (removal of gravel or pebbles) before mulching. But they do get a good deal more sun.

Plus: Well situated by shed.
Minus: A ton of gravel covers area.
Not a large space.


  1. Always a dilemma. I think close to the house is good. On the other hand, some shade could be good for a summer garden, but perhaps not so much for fall. I would personally rule out the gravel filled area. Seems like a lot of work. Good luck in deciding! You can always plant one area this year, and move it next year!

  2. You're totally right, maybe next year that shady area would be perfect for a summer garden.

    My fall garden will likely end up close to the house! Feel like I just need to get something in the ground.

  3. I see these pictures as an empty piece canvas where you can work your art - so many choices, so many possibilities. It will be interesting to see what you are sowing/planting. Happy gardening and getting soaked with sweat and grime :>)

  4. Thanks, Autumn Belle! Now that fall is here, I've got months and months ahead of me to be happily sweating and gardening every day. Cheers!