Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Right back to fall

Winter Garden planted late October
Pumpkin blossom starring in the garden (finally -- I planted in JULY!)

Trying out square-foot garden again
 Turnips sprouting
Carrots sprouting

Soybeans! We shall see how this goes ... so far being attacked mercilessly by little worms.

Geranium on the wall

These beds are clean

End of September 2013 - Solarization complete at community garden bed

Let the planting begin!

And solarization is finished at home too.

Late summer color

Early September 2013
One of our watermelons

Daisy approves.

Trying to get something going when it's HOT

Pumpkins from seed in July? Not too sure about this.

 Solarizing the soil in late July. Watermelon seedlings doing well.

Mid-August -- protecting pumpkins grown from seed

Watermelon mid-August -- ended up with two total

Mom's Garden in June - Whoa!

I think this was a turnip of some sort.

Early Summer bounty and beauty

June 2013

(take a second look -- POP)

Cactus flower love

The joy of June 2013