One Hot Tomato

The goal is to not have just one hot tomato.

My "Mission: Tomato" is to harvest at least 15 tomatoes from each of 9 plants before they are struck down by desert heat. I have taken on this (seemingly easy) task after the 2010 debacle where my lack of expertise resulted in a paltry amount of tomatoes from 5 plants. See My Ode to Tomatoes for more backstory.

I'll use this space to record the tomato tally and share photos.

Better Boy 3/30/11: These big boys better be good, boy.

Yellow Pears 3/30/11: These should produce well unless
ravaged too soon by impatient, young human pests.

4/11/11: Harvested two smallish Early Girls today. Both were eaten (like apples) before they could be put into salad. They were warm and delicious, still filled with the taste of the afternoon sun.

4/20/11: Plucked a few small Siberias -- still with a teensy tiny bit of green (I was impatient) -- and cut them up for sandwiches. Intense flavor. Super-excited for my Black Zebras. Not ready yet but growing like mad.
Side note: Thankfully, all plants survived the weekend under another adult's care while I was away festival-ing.

4/21/11: Picked the biggest Better Boy. Probably 3/4 pound.
Owen was so excited to have it on his salad that night.

4/23/11: Grabbing small Siberias here and there for lunch or dinner all week. These are not cherry tomatoes, but maybe 3- or 4-ouncers. The plant is overall not looking too great. It's supposed to produce in much cooler climes. Temps have been in high 80s and 90s for a while now. Hopefully it will finish up before it gets too hot around here.

4/26/11: Picked the second biggest Better Boy. 1/2 pound.
Tasty, sweet, red-ripe through and through.