Thursday, May 5, 2011

On a plateau

I can't say much more about this, but for the last few weeks we've been on the verge of a big change in our lives.

Unfortunately, it's the type of thing that is putting everything else in my life on hold (or simple maintenance). Any of the energy I'd normally gear toward starting new projects, blogging, researching or thinking of new challenges has been diverted to this change.

I wonder if this is the most common reason that many people who would like to live more sustainably end up putting it off. They are waiting for a more opportune time?

That's where I find myself now: on a plateau. I've made some progress on the Way of the Green, but am currently unable to make a move due to outside forces.

Do you feel an ebb and flow in your ability to move toward sustainability?

1 comment:

  1. Sure, I think it is true of many things in life- there are times when it is easier to put the energy out to obtain a goal because you are excited about it, a goal to accomplish, or have a deadline to meet regarding it. The way to reenergize yourself is to take a little time to read something that inspries you about it, say a good sustainable book or online article. Or you could meet with someone who is in the flow of sustainability and they may insprie you so that your own goals for being sustainable are reignited.

    Or you could invent a goal for yourself that gets your fire about it going again- say counting or measuring something that shows you have improved in some way, and that keeps you on target. Years ago I decided to reuse my paper bags at the grociery store. Each time I used the bag again, I made a little tick on the bottom to count that usage. I was able to get 25 usages out of some of them before they had to retire!

    Another thing I did to make myself remember to take bags into the store was not to let myself off the hook. If I forgot the bags and was now in line to check out, I would make myself set the cart aside and go back out to the car and get the bags. I only had to do this a couple of times to make myself remember each time!

    If you have a really strong desire to be sustainable, it may ebb when circumstances require so much attention that it makes being sustainable more challenging, but the desire can and will reemerge if you nurture it.