Saturday, March 26, 2011

Start 'em young, serve it fresh

Story of this photo: Earlier this week it was raining, which is altogether uncommon in the desert. My big girl Charlotte and I were moving some of my container plants out from under the eaves so they could get rained on.

Afterward we checked on my raised bed around the corner, and I decided to snap off a broccoli head for dinner. Charlotte asked to carry it back home, and it looked so huge in her small hands that I ran to grab my camera. Then she took a big old bite out of the broccoli and smiled right before I took the shot.


  1. We never get any Lima beans or peas. Our daughter goes out to the garden and eats them off the plants. We find stacks of peeled pods on top of the compost pile (along with carrot tops) as the only evidence. And bare plants as well.