Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Challenge: Composting or Vermiculture

There's a will, but is there a way?

I need some advice with this project. It's possible that many people share my situation, so hopefully we can come up with the right plan.

The problem: No space exists in my home or either of my patios for a compost pile. From what I know, a bin or pile would need to be at least a yard square. I barely have enough room for a small recycling can that has to be emptied a few times a week.

It is highly doubtful that the HOA would agree to a compost pile. I've almost written the thought off altogether. The board is fine with nice-looking veggie gardens -- but compost (and a beginner-composter pile at that), the possibility of flies or vermin, not to mention where to put it ... I don't even want to ask. (Imagining the looks of horror on a few residents' faces is pure comedy.)

But a worm bin? I may be able to fit a worm bin on my upstairs patio, but it may get too hot for that soon. How small can I make it? And can it even be stored outside?

Or maybe a different kind of composting that doesn't take a yard square? What about those composting barrels?

I need something very small that does not smell and can be outside. Please help!


  1. Here is an interesting option:

    My friend Sara Laimon did one in a drawer in her kitchen, as long as you keep all your food buried you never get flies. If you come on Saturday, we could build you one on the spot!

  2. Hi Renee! I have worm bins of various shapes and sizes. A couple are used ice cream containers where worms are thriving. But of course the smaller your bin, the less you can compost.

    I also have a six liter box. It's pretty small but it can house half a kilo of worms. Not bad, right?

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, guys!

    My significant other has ix-nayed the worms-in-a-drawer idea, Nick. And I have no room under my sink. I may be there for the workshop though. Will you have worms there?

    Cianoy, this sounds like what I would want. I think I could fit a small box (6 liters) on my patio and keep it out of the sun. Would that be OK? Even if it got to 110 degrees outside?