Friday, September 30, 2011

I thought a slime mold was weird ...

... but, dear lord, what the heck is this?? I found it in a damp, mulchy area of the yard. It's like an alien tentacle reaching out of the earth.

I swore to myself after the slime mold that I wasn't going to post anymore gross-out stuff. But I was just flabbergasted by this.

It's hatching out of some egg-like fungus shell under the ground.

There was another one nearby that was shriveled up already.

These different fungi are popping up all over my yard as the weather is cooling off. What a trip!


  1. I'm sorry to have to break it to you, but I think there's a portal to hell in your yard.

    That oughta be hard on resale value O_O

  2. Ha ha ha nooooo!

    I turned off the irrigation over there, and -- thank god -- so far no more minions of evil have tried to reach into this plane from the netherworld.

    Anyhoo, I think it's an octopus stinkhorn!

  3. Renee, that is indeed a wired fungus! Never seen anything like this! I have some fungi popping up in my yard, too, right now, but they are not as cool as yours :-). Mother nature always has a surprise in store hasn't she?