Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Still thinking about Moorten's

More photos I took at Moorten's Botanical Garden last week. I love the desert.

Cool bunching cactus crouched among lava rocks. So covered with spines it looks white.
"World's First" Cactarium packed full of interesting specimens.
Plant forms in the shape of a crouching nude. "Behind" it to the left, a cactus grows straight down in tail-like ropes.
This plant appeared as a bed of snakes rearing up, with red pillow flowers poised here and there. This has got to be a carrion plant that just hasn't bloomed yet. (see a few photos below)
This succulent was almost translucent and super-hard -- like a pile of green Jolly Ranchers.
Cacti peering up out of the pot "Flight of the Navigator" style. (Anyone else remember that flick with the robot eye with PeeWee Herman's voice? OK, maybe too obscure ...)
Charming old Palm Springs hacienda and open lawn on site.
Score! We came across a similar type of carrion plant that was in flower. This one looks like Stapelia gigantea.
Merits a closer view: The flower reeked of rotting meat and its center was crawling with flies -- its pollinators!
I will try to grow this coral vine (Antigonon leptopus) in my yard someday. The intense color of the flowers simply blew me away.

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