Friday, April 8, 2011


High winds caused one of my tomato plants upstairs and two of my top-heavy herbs to fall over last night. No damage really from that.

Then this morning I checked all my tomato plants and saw that the winds had really buffeted the plants against their cages, causing a good part of all the leaves to look smushed and greyish.


  1. I had the same issue on some of my tomato plants, as well as having a few branches that were not supported enough that snapped. I cannot wait for these winds to stop. It does not help that my neighbors never trim their palm trees so I have lost a few plants to falling palm fronds.

  2. And those outer greyish leaves/stems turned brown and drooped, slowly drying out, until I finally trimmed them all off. The stress of that wind damage really affected the overall growth and health of my plants.
    Can't imagine what I would do if a frond fell on and destroyed one of my tomato plants. Some of them are in a danger zone, too. Good grief!