Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I've found it

I think I can fit this size bin in my back patio, and it does not require worms. Check partway down the page where it says "Build You Own Indoor Bin" under "Indoor Composting."

U.S. EPA: Create Your Own Compost Pile

It's one garbage can inside another.


  1. And then I see this awesome YouTube video on a homemade compost tumbler:

  2. Hmm, never seen one like that. I'd want worms and some inoculant to get that one really working, especially if its not in contact with the ground. I'll ask the master composters what they think...

  3. George Podolsky, head of the Riverside Master Composters, said this about it:

    This type of composting has been done in Europe quite successfully. A couple of years ago we received an indoor composter from a manufactory from Italy asking us to evaluate their bin. The Master Composter who had it like the results.