Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reel it in

The clotheslines are down for the winter.

Forays into air-drying my clothes have been less and less successful as the days have grown shorter, colder and a bit more humid.

Most detrimental to my efforts is the limited amount of sunshine I receive. Sometime in early October, the sunlight stops entering three-quarters of my enclosed patio. Where the walls are situated and the height of the buildings block all direct light, except for the top of the far wall.

And my HOA doesn't allow residents to hang clothes off upstairs balconies. Natch.

Would have taken the lines down sooner, but the motor died in my dryer mid-October (despite my drying only 1 out of 5 loads in it the last few months) and it took awhile to get parts to fix it.

Drying inside during the winter makes sense. Just like baking -- my favorite winter activity -- it heats up the house!

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