Monday, October 18, 2010


Got all my vegetables and seeds into the ground yesterday at my community garden plot! I forgot to take a picture, unfortunately, but I'll take a shot today when I head by there to make sure everything is going OK.

Can't remember the last time a hobby made me so excited and happy.

I'm using the Square Foot Garden method, which my mom told me about. Pretty easy! I checked out the book from the library. The gist is to set out square-foot grids across your gardening area, with one crop grown tightly in each section.

I bought very inexpensive redwood slats that a Lowes guy split for me. The slats ended up measuring about 1/4 inch by 1 inch, with two of them 8 feet long and six of them 4 feet long. I braided them in the raised bed to make the grid. The 4-foot-long ones were a bit long, so I snapped off 4-inch pieces that I'll use later as stakes.

Looking around the rest of the community garden, it will be interesting to see how everyone's plots turn out. Seems I am the only one using this style, so if my experiment doesn't work out, I'll keep track of whose garden does work!

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