Monday, July 26, 2010

Somewhat back on track

Doing laundry today, and though it is humid, I will hang what I can to dry outside.

The borax/baking soda mixture in the dishwasher started not working anymore--there was a film on everything. It was wonderful for a couple weeks, and I was prepared to never buy dishwasher soap again. But it began creating a buildup on glasses and wasn't cleaning anymore. In the future I will use it in a pinch (like for a few days when my soap runs out). It may be best just to clean and freshen up the dishwasher every month or so. My current experiment with that is to use a cup of vinegar in the dishwasher and see if it cuts through the film. Stay tuned ...

So that diaper experiment ... when I am prepared to write about it, I will. As of this posting, I am still in the weeds with it.


  1. Have to tell you my dirty little secret...I stopped using cloth diapers for Orion *and* I use disposables for the baby at night. I was having to wash diapers everyday and I just couldn't manage it. Now I wash diapers every 3. I was also using g-diapers but we had to cut costs. Have you checked into g-diapers? If you can afford them they are pretty awesome...cut down on water usage and compost-able/ biodegradable inserts.

  2. The plan now is to get Charlotte potty-trained. :)